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  • october 2011
    Cinema Lumière, via Azzogardino 65/A Bologna

    Friday october 7th, 2011
    Aicha è tornata

    Aicha è tornata

    Juan Martin Baigorria, Lisa Tormena| 2011 | Italia | 35’

    This documentary tells about the situations of migrants that come back to their own country. It is shot in the province of Khouribga, Bani Mellal and Fkih Ben Salah, which are the main areas of emigration from Morocco to the South of Europe. It describes problems linked with this phenomenon to a gender point of view and it focuses on women’s stories. It tells the stories of six Moroccan women that came back in their country after emigrating and living in Europe. It highlights the several reasons that pushed these women to emigrate, those reasons that pushed them to come back to Morocco and especially the difficulties of being back. 
    These are dramatic stories worsened by the fact that the main characters are women.