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terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

Wo we are

Terra di Tutti Film Festival began in 2007, with the vital aim of giving a voice to the many documentary makers who use the video medium as a form of critical expression, scrutinising the world and the issues that affect the countries of the southern hemisphere. Sponsored by two non-governmental organisations working towards international cooperation for development, GVC (Gruppo di Volontariato Civile) and COSPE (Cooperazione per lo sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti), TTFF brings documentaries and social cinema from the global south to Bologna, with the aim of revealing the realities of life in these countries, of people and social battles that are often ‘invisible’ into discussion.

The festival welcomes many types of audiovisual media and short films, with narratives concentrating on the fight for equal rights, gender, protecting freedom, active citizenship, and environmental and ecological concerns. Terra di Tutti Film Festival would like to provide true visions of the south, without rhetoric, censorship or pity, but instead with the belief that just one individual, with an open mind and a refusal to accept the idea of an immutable reality, can help us to change the present and work together towards better futures. And we can do this through cinema. 


Directors:  Stefania Piccinelli, Jonathan Ferramola

Curators of the artistic programme:  Stefania Piccinelli, Marina Mantini, Jonathan Ferramola

Technical coordination: Giorgia Bailo

Press Office:  Marina Mantini

Online and social media communication: Valentina Fiori, Marina Mantini

Subtitles & Translations:  SMK Videofactory

Management of volunteers and matinée: Sara Alves, Irene Aprile, Francesco Ciancimino

Online translations: Francesco Ciancimino, Valentina Fiori, Valentina Vagge

Screening room: Luca Malossini

Graphics and website design: Le Maus

Speciale EU Aid Volunteers: Maria Chiara Lesi, Andrea Sparro, Detjon Begaj


Under the auspicies of The Municipality of Bologna

With the support of  Cineteca di Bologna

With the contribution of  Emilia-Romagna RegionEU Aid Volunters complementing humanitarian aid (GVC)Amitie Code

Media partners Open DDBRadio Città FujikoRadio città del capo, Radio Kairos,The Bottom Up,  EmilioDocOn the road TV,  Taxi Drivers

Partner associations ApimedSMK VideofactoryKilowattAssopace PalestinaFestival dei PopoliAICS