Terra di tutti film festival immagine 2014

terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"


Co-operation for the development of emerging countries

COSPE was founded on 19 April 1983 and registered on 19 July 1984 (D.M. n° 2416, 19/7/84) as an association promoting intercultural dialogue, fair, sustainable development and human rights. Its activities are International Development Co-operation and Development Awareness/Education as a means to achieve peace and justice among peoples.

COSPE is currently committed to implement more than 100 projects in around 30 countries world-wide, in the following areas:

  • development of small businesses and income-generating activities;
  • rural development and agricultural support;
  • community-based natural resources management;
  • education;
  • community development and institutional building;
  • protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • promotion of women’s rights and equal opportunities;
  • development education activities and campaigns to arouse public opinion on matters of global interest;
  • antiracism training and support of equal-opportunity policies for citizens from ethnic minorities in Europe;
  • right to education and intercultural awareness, community media awareness and local development.

INFO: www.cospe.org



GVC is a non-governmental, secular and independent organisation established in Bologna in 1971. GVC works to bring back dignity to entire communities threatened or deprived of their basic human rights by fighting poverty and injustice and working with individuals, civil society organisations, local institutions and governments to provide access to water, food, health, education and work, while protecting the environment. Even in hum‚Äčanitarian emergencies, GVC works with the intent of establishing the foundations for reconstruction and development. To this end, each project is organised so that every community discovers within itself the resources necessary to become self-sufficient and independent. 

Alongside international cooperation projects, GVC also carries out important work in education and awareness in Italy and Europe:  organising seminars, workshops for students and teachers, exhibits and the Terra di Tutti Film Festival, as well as advocacy campaigns on relevant issues such as the right to food, migrations, fair trading practices and the promotion of human rights.

INFO: www.gvc-italia.org