Terra di Tutti Photo Contest

The non-governmental organisations COSPE and GVC, in collaboration with Shoot4Change and FotoViva, opens the first edition of the Terra di Tutti Photo Contest, the international photographic contest about Southern world countries.

1. Themes of the contest

The works admitted to the contest have to deal with social issues linked to globalisation and development, in reference to at least one of the following themes: gender and development; active citizenships and development; human rights and democracy; work and globalisation; environment; children’s rights; war terrorism and violence; mass media and information about south World.

In 2011 the following themes will be privileged:

  • Fight against poverty
  • Valorisation and protection of natural resources and forests
  • Water, common good of Humanity
  • Food sovereignty,  sustainable, biologic and fair trade agriculture
  • Energetic sustainability, renewable energies and access to water
  • Migrations and development; trade and trafficking of human beings

2. Participation requirements

The contest is international and open to everybody. The participation is free.

Photos admitted have to be made by digital or chemical techniques.

Images manipulations that modify the original content, such as adding or cutting elements or changing excessively tone curve o colours saturation are not allowed.

Framing cutting, reasonable changes of the contrast and of colour saturation, scratches and stains correction, conversion from colours originals to black and white are accepted.

Photos resulting harmful to the dignity of single persons or categories of individuals who are directly or indirectly represented in the images, will be excluded.

The competitors that violate this disposition will be excluded from the contest according to the unchallengeable discretion of the Jury.

3. Contest sections

The Terra di Tutti Photo Contest is divided into two sections:

  • Singles Photos: every participant can submit up to 5 single photos.
  • Stories/reportages: every participant can submit up to 2 portfolios. Each portfolio has to be composed from at least 10 to at most 15 photos.

Each participant can participate to both sections.

4. Sending conditions and photos selections

The participant has to fill each part of the submission form, with personal data, a brief CV, the escape clause and some piece of information about the proposed photos (title, shot place and year).

The participant also has to save all photos in Jpeg sRGB file format, and the size of the longest side equal to 1024 pixels. The files have to be named this way: <name>_<surname>_<consecutive-number>.jpg.

These materials (submission form and photos) have to be put in a single zipped file (.zip) and the size has to be up to 10 Mb. The file has to be named this way: TTPC_2011_<name>_<surname>.zip.

The file .zip has to be sent to the follow e-mail address: terradituttiphotocontest@gmail.com within the terms of 30th June 2011. The sent materials will not returned.

Participants will receive a confirmation by e-mail when we receive the materials. This communication informs participants only about the occurred receipt of their e-mails and this does not represent the confirmation of the integrity and completeness of the attachment sent by them. The Jury of Terra di Tutti Photo Contest will assemble to declare the winners within 15th July 2011.

The participant will be informed by email of the eventual recognition attribute from the jury within the 20 July 2011.

The classified participant to the first three places in the two sections has to send the file of the selected photos, in Jpeg sRGB format in the maximal possible resolution and already treated with an optimal digital editing, to the email address terradituttiphotocontest@gmail.com, strictly within 31 august 2011. This file will be used to make the prints that will be exposed in the photography exhibition Terra di Tutti Photo Contest 2011. The winners participants that don’t send this files for the print within the term established, will be excluded from the contest, losing irrevocably the obtained recognition.

5. Prizes

One prize of total 500 Euro to the 1°Classified of each of the two sections. (300 and 200E)

Plate award for 2° and 3° classified of each section.

The awarded photos:

  • will be exhibited to the public on the occasion of the photo exhibition Terra di Tutti Photo Contest 2011, that will take place in Bologna on October 2011, at the same time as the 5’ edition of Terra di Tutti Film Festival.
  • will be promoted through the publication on COSPE, GVC, S4C, FotoViva and TTFF web sites.

6. Jury

The Jury of Terra di Tutti Photo Contest 2011 is composed by:

  • Jonathan Ferramola, COSPE
  • Luciano Nadalini, photograph, Fotoviva
  • Stefania Piccinelli, GVC
  • Alessandro Zanini, photograph, Shoot4Change

7. Rights, escape clauses and use of images

Each participant, in the act of presenting his/her photos to the contest, accepts all the conditions of the present regulation and declares to all intents of law:

  • to be the author of the photos;
  • to not have let any copyright on photos to a third party that can oppose or demands rights about their use;
  • to be in possession of a legal escape clause for the publication, by the subjects in the photos;
  • to authorize the organizers to the public diffusion of photos, including through third parties, by publishing on websites, printed paper and exhibitions in awareness campaigns focused on globalization and development issues.


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