Terra di Tutti Film Festival Fifth Edition – Bologna, October 2011.


The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) GVC and Cospe
Promote the fifth edition of

Terra di Tutti Film Festival

Southern world countries documentaries and social cinema exhibition

Participation Requirements

The exhibition is an international event without any restriction on nationality, age and profession. The participation is free of charge.

Competition Object

The competition is open to videos of a maximum duration of 60 minutes. The works have to belong to one of the following categories:

  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Social fiction – Docufiction

Works made with any kind of technique (even animation) and format (that respect the following regulation) are admitted.

Terra di Tutti Film Festival Fifth edition priority issues are:
- Fight against poverty
- Natural resources valorisation and preservation
- Water as a common wealth
- Food sovereignty; sustainable, biologic and fair-trade agriculture.
- Sustainable energy; renewable energy; energy access
- Migration sustainable development; human trafficking

The videos must anyway deal with social issues linked to globalization and development, and at least one of the following topics: gender and development; active citizenship and development; human rights and democracy; work and globalization; environment; youth and children rights; war, terrorism and violence; media and information on/in Southern world countries.

Participation rules

  • Every single filmmaker can participate with max three works.
  • Only works produced after January 1st  2008 are admitted;
  • The submission has to be done by filling up the on line entry form that can be found in the Festival official website www.terradituttifilmfestival.org. The subscription will be confirmed to the candidate also by e-mail.
  • It is necessary to fill up a subscription form for each submitted work.
  • Call for entry deadline is May 15, 2011.

Delivery and selection process

At the time the online subscription it’s done, the author should send before 30 May 2011:

  • escape clause, downloading from the official website www.terradituttifilmfestival.org of the Festival, duly filled in all its parts and signed in full;
  • TWO COPIES of each submitted work in one of the following ways:

a) In DVD format and in a sealed envelope with the name of  TERRA DI TUTTI FILM FESTIVAL to one of the following address:

- GVC – Gruppo di Volontariato Civile Onlus
Via dell’Osservanza 35/2 – 40136 Bologna (Italy)
Mrs. Stefania Piccinelli

- COSPE – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti
Via Lombardia, 36 – 40139 Bologna (Italy)
Mr. Jonathan Ferramola

b) Or, if it is you preference, it’s also possible to upload the master DVD zipped into this URL address:

1) For max 2GB file the URL is the following:


2) If the file is more than 2GB:

It will be possible to do the upload trough an FTP client.

In any case, after finalized your online subscription trough the Festival official website, you will receive an automatic e-mail in you mailbox containing all the instructions and the necessary input code for the upload.

The material received won’t be remitted and will be part of the public archive of the Terra di Tutti Film Festival.

The works submitted to the competition keep to be owned by the author whom allow the free unlimited use by the Terra di Tutti Film Festival, for the following uses:

  • Partial publication on the festival web site;
  • Presentation and projection at the Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Bologna, 6th -9th  October 2011, and in other similar situation such as public presentation, ad hoc projection, and partner’s events.

The submission of the pieces implies the authorization and not the exclusivity to the organizers of the Festival to spread and make available to the public – through its website and through any other means or other known form – clips or sequences of the works without claim any compensation for the authors.

The submission of photographic pieces and / or information (stills, photos of the author, bio-filmography, synopsis, author’s statements, posters, etc..) sent from the film implies, also,
non-exclusive permission to the organizers of the festival to spread and make
available to the public all images and information pertinent to the works presented.

The Festival takes no responsibility for any theft or damage of the works.

Each author respond on the content of his video and clearly authorize the Terra di Tutti Film Festival to make any informal copy and projection of the submitted film for free of charge cultural goals and for the press, in Italy and abroad.


TTFF Prizes

The Festival offers a support on the production of audiovisual and/or purchase of materials which is equal to the value of 1.000 (one thousand)Euros, to be divided between the two best works (Prize to the Best European production and Prize to the Best International production) chosen by the Festival quality jury.

Special Prize from the Council of Foreigners of Bologna

A Special Prize from the Council of Foreigners and Stateless of Bologna will be given and it will be equal to the value of 500 (five hundred) Euros. This prize will be selected by a jury made by the members of the Council.

Benedetto Senni Special Prize

A Special Prize dedicated to the memory of Benedetto Senni will be given to an international work that deal with issues linked to development, people’s cooperation, rural and sustainable agriculture, food sovereignty, resources access and fight against poverty. The prize will be equal to the value of 1.000 (one thousand) Euros and priority will be given to the works made by film makers of African origin.


The prize-giving will take place during the Festival last night.
The judgments on the works awards are unquestionable.

Competition official web site

The official festival web site is www.terradituttifilmfestival.org in which it is possible to find any useful information. Any further clarification can be demanded at the following email address info@terradituttifilmfestival.org

The organization can publish in the official web site all the works entered and admitted to the festival. The publication will anyway be after the submission deadline.



The participation to the Festival implies having read and accepted what reported in the subscription form on privacy and personal data treatment. Following the ongoing Italian law (D.Lgs 196/2003) the privacy policy holders of the personal data received are the organizers of the Festival.

The contents of the entered films (picture, sounds, animation) must respect the copyright law: the competition participation implies the total responsibility of the author for any irregularity on that field.

The Terra di Tutti Film Festival accepts no responsibility in this regard.

Participation in the competition implies the author’s own exclusive responsibility for
any irregularities in this area; the organizers reserve with discretion
 excluded from the competition and to revoke any bonuses to those works that present

To the discretion of the organizers of the competition, works deemed offensive or harmful
for for the image of promoters and / or the code of ethics for NGOs will be excluded from 
competition and will not be published.

The Festival Direction will decide on any unclear case and on what no expressly said in the present regulation. The decision cannot be appealed against. As a last resort for any dispute should be send to the Court of Bologna.


Download escape clause [PDF]

Aqui para descargar la convocatoria de concurso en espanol:


Descargo de responsabilidad [PDF]

Le règlement du Festival est ici disponible aussi en langue française:


Decharge de responsabilite [PDF]

O regulamento do festival està disponivel também em lengua portugues:


Carta Liberatoria