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  • october 2011
    Cinema Lumière, via Azzogardino 65/A Bologna

    Thursday october 6th, 2011
     La fabbrica dei clandestini - Vol.2

    La fabbrica dei clandestini - Vol.2

    Isabella Urru, Antonella Cignarale, Sara Puddu, Viktor Bošnjak | 2011 | Italia | 20’

    This film is shot in Ventimiglia which is since months a stop for those migrants, especially Tunisians, that want to reach France and leave Italy behind. Since May, the French border do not let people crossing even if they have a passport given by Italian government because of humanitarian issues. So, Ventimiglia becomes the city where people, that don’t want to come back and cannot go ahead, settle in.
    A widespread unrest among people from Ventimiglia and Tunisans begins to grow because of the impossibility to find a good solution for migrants. This solution might be permit that allows them to work legally and to move in all Europe. The 6th of June 2011 the welcome center in Ventimiglia, managed by the Italian Red Cross and the train station where a lot of them were sleeping, closed. Trafficking starts over again. Those that had an humanitarian residence permit were moved in other welcome centers in the North of Italy. Those without any permit remained alone along the city’ roads.