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  • october 2011
    Cinema Lumière, via Azzogardino 65/A Bologna

    Thursday october 6th, 2011
    Lettere dal deserto (elogio della lentezza)

    Lettere dal deserto (elogio della lentezza)

    Michela Occhipinti | 2011 | Italia | 55’

    Hari travels long distances in the desert to deliver messages closed in handwritten letters to people that live in lost villages; they are closed in a time dimension forgotten by everybody, at the border of the world. These letters talk of love, marriage, success and death.
    Those letters of death are immediately recognizable; their right angle is cut. Hari reads these letters on the doorway and then he strips them, because bad news have to be destroyed, missed and deleted forever. In a kind of world were time is luxury, speed is synonymous of efficiency and civilization, the story of Hari is an island crystallized throughout years. Until strange metallic and outsider in that landscape tours come to revolutionize the life of the small village…