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  • october 2011
    Cinema Lumière, via Azzogardino 65/A Bologna

    Thursday october 6th, 2011
    Plus jamais peur

    Plus jamais peur

    Mourad ben Cheikh | 2011 | Tunisia | 75’

    This film shows the Tunisian revolution from the point of view of three individual stories: the first one is the one of a blogger, Lina Ebbene Mhenni, a young woman that tried to challenge the regime of Ben Ali telling everything about the movement of revolution started by Sidi Bouzid in her blog since the beginning; the second story is the one of a lawyer Radhia Nasraoui who defends the rights of the men that paid dearly their engagement, as her own husband often imprisoned; and finally, the third one is the one of a journalist, Karem Cherif, that has lived the terrible days after Ben Ali ran away. She tried to defend her quarter supported by her family.
    Fear is the common aspect of these stories, fear that every Tunisian knew. Fear that held their lives, the same one that has left bad consequences for the Tunisian population.
    Plus Jamais Peur wants to send a shout of one mind: no more fear!