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  • october 2011
    Cinema Lumière, via Azzogardino 65/A Bologna

    Thursday october 6th, 2011
     Recinti, Manduria 2011

    Recinti, Manduria 2011

    Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola | 2011 | Italia | 35’

    “Recinti, Manduria 2011” is a project of independent communication that becomes a reportage. This reportage tells the foundation of the identification and welcome Center that was opened in March 2011 between Oria and Manduria, in Puglia, it tells its story from the ariivials of the first Tunisians to the moment the center empties. This reportage tells the stories of the Tunisians that run away from their countries during the first months of this year. They crossed the Mediterranean Sea by boat but they ended up locked in the hedges of Lampedusa, Manduria, Santa Maria Capua Vetere and in the CIE (Center of Identification  and Expultion) built because of emergency.