Terra di tutti film festival immagine 2019

terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

14th edition | 6-11 october 2020



At age 15 years, young Slater, camera in hand and with a keen eye for her surroundings, starts climbing international peaks, captures the spirit of environmentalism, and documents it. In the meanwhile, what began as a sort of exploratory reportage, turns into an intimate yet militant documentary, a direct account of the growth of an unprecedented movement, largely unknown and misunderstood: young generations want immediate and effective solutions to climate change. A stirring portrait that depicts the battles and the strategies of young people who are aware that time is running out for them, that they have inherited disastrous economic policies dictated by the powerful few, and that they are not going to stand by and watch helplessly as their future escapes them.

Slater Jewell-Kemker has had a strong interest in cinema and music since childhood. She attended the Canadian Director Center Lab and is now director, screenplay writer, editor, director of photography, and composer. She was twice recognized by Forbes magazine for her collection of material on the youth environmental movement, which began with An Inconvenient Youth (2008) followed by Still (2014), a short film on domestic violence.