Terra di tutti film festival immagine 2019

terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

14th edition | 6-11 october 2020



Saba, a boy from Georgia, works as a Pizza delivery boy in Bologna. During his evening shift he recieves an important phone call: his son is about to be born. Forced to finish his deliveries, entangled in humanity as it drifts, Saba goes through the city frenetically, hoping to be on time at the hospital.

Directors Born in 1980. He studied cinema at Dams of Univesity of Bologna and at the Carlo Mazzacurati’s Master in Screenwriting at Univ. of Padova. He directesmany short movies: The Borderline (2012), A Quarter to Eight (2015), It’sonly a rolling tape (2017). In 2009 he writes and directs the first Italian web series, COPS, a crime-comedy series in 26episodes. In 2015 he’s finalistat Solinas Award for the feature film screenplay’s Teresa, Luisa and #NotteRosa. In 2019 his latest short Pizza Boy.