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terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

14th edition | 6-11 october 2020



One camera, thirty shooting days, 6000 kilometers.

Controcorrente is not just a documentary, is an environmentalist on-the-road adventure, financed through crowdfunding, on the state of Italian water. The authors are two roman guys, Claudia Carotenuto, a 25 years old journalist, and Daniele Giustozzi, a 26 years old environmental economist; they crossed the italian peninsula on a hybrid car with the aim of investigating the environmental, economic, social, political, historical and religious aspects of water in Italy. Controcorrente offers a different view on a hidden Italy, a view that is free from every constraints. It talks about the environment, but also about women and men who are an integral and active part of it.

This movie competes for the Senni Award.

Claudia Carotenuto 

With a deep-rooted inclination towards writing, journalism and, more in general, the audio-visual media, at 18 Claudia started her career working in several newspapers. Three years later she graduated in Literature, Music and Performing Arts and the Sapienza University of Rome, with a dissertation titled “Rome as a Movie Set: from Rossellini to Sorrentino”, where she analysed the socio-cultural transformations of Roman cinema. Later on Claudia got a scholarship financed by the School of Advanced Training “Eidos” Communication, through which she had the possibility to attend the Master in Radio and Television Journalism. In that same period she worked in the Sky TG 24 newspaper office. Subsequently, she has been employed by the Panama Film and Ascent production companies, first as an editor and then as an author, working on different TV programmes broadcast on Sky and on Rai 3.

Daniele Giustozzi 

Daniele has life-long interest in social and environmental issues. Daniele got his Bachelor’s degree in Political Studies for Cooperation and Development at the University of Roma Tre with a first class honour’s degree.

Then he moved to Turin, where he attended a Master’s degree in Economics of the Environment, Culture and Territory at the University of Turin, which Daniele finalised with a first class honour’s degree.

On the basis of his previous experience in the Italian Civil Protection (within the section for the firefighting, antiseismic security and ecology) together with some colleagues he produced “FEU”, a short film on 2017 devastating wildfires occurred in Val di Susa.