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terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

13th edition | 10-13 october 2019
Bologna - Firenze

Friday 28 September 2018

The program of #TTFF12

Denied rights, climate change, female revolutions: these are just some of the themes that characterize the twelfth edition of TTFF, which, as usual, will take place in Bologna and Florence from 11 to 14 October 2018. "Voices from the invisible world" is the theme that binds the films in competition, the documentaries presented out of competition and the many collateral events organized by the NGOs GVC and COSPE onlus. The need is to bring to light the stories, vicissitudes and battles of those most vulnerable, of those minorities that, for the most varied reasons, are kept on the margins of society. Furthermore, telling about these events today has a strong symbolic value: the Terra di Tutti Film Festival, in fact, is born to cultivate shared values ​​that embrace solidarity, respect for human rights and recognition of cultural diversity as a wealth. With the duty to enrich the debate and provide correct information about the world, avoiding the slogans, and with the presumption of disrupting prejudices and changing points of view.


As always, many guests of this festival edition: Alexandra d'Onofrio (director of the film in competition "Era domani"), Michel Toesca (director of "LIBRE" awarded at Cannes and Biografilm), journalist Luca Bottura (present together with the videomakers of "The Third Secret of Satire" for the preview presentation of the "TSS ON THE ROAD: an EU Aid volunteers webseries" webseries, but also the journalist Stefano Liberti and the leader and spokesman of the Council Quilombola de Bacia and Vale do Iguape Ananias Viana who will be in Florence, at the Cinema Stensen, on Thursday 11 October for the TTFF Tuscan appointment dedicated to the guardians of the earth - occasion in which the documentary "Os Quilombos do Iguape" will be presented (realized within the project " Terra de direitos "by COSPE onlus). At the same time, in Bologna, a precious thematic focus will be dedicated to Nicaragua, from the conquest of Daniel Ortega's power to the manifestations of recent periods.


Do not miss a due reflection on the Fortress Europe, for twelve years unfortunately still present, thanks not only to the films in competition but also to what is becoming another traditional event, now in its fourth edition: "Media & Migrations: from Angels to Criminals "Reflection on the media treatment of migrations. This year it will have as its exclusive audience the Bologna high schools, in collaboration with the GVC MigratED project in partnership with the Municipality of Bologna, which will attend the screening of "LIBRE", by Michel Toesca (awarded at Cannes 2018 and at Biografilm, that will be screened Saturday afternoon for Schermi e Lavagne della Cineteca) and the discussion of guests with the public, from the director of the film to journalists, documentaries and above all listening to the direct experience of "migrant" people.


Two Matinées will also be dedicated to the schools (Thursday 11 at the Cinema Stensen in Florence, Saturday 13 at the Cinema Lumière in Bologna), which offers a selection of films and documentaries best suited to stimulating reflection and discussion for a student audience: a priority, such as also underlined by the renewed collaboration with Schermi and Lavagne. In the long afternoon, the program continues with documentaries highlighting unpublished points of view such as "Of fathers and sons" by Talal Derki (on the use of children by ISIS for the "Childhood Negated" section) and "Burkinabé rising" by Iara Lee (unpublished look at young artists and creatives from Burkina Faso who have not forgotten the lesson of Thomas Sankara's father of the "Land of Free Men"). For the first time the festival has also included the webseries in competition, which will be screened some episodes, including "EU Aid Volunteers: TSS On the Road" the webseries of the Third Secret of Satire, a collective of videomakers famous for their satire policy, which will present a preview of the 5 episodes shot in Nicaragua (before the crisis) and in Lebanon on the EU Aid Volunteers involved in GVC's humanitarian projects. A novelty that confirms that the Terra di Tutti Film Festival is sensitive and attentive also to changes in the social cinema, which contaminates and dialogues (fortunately) with contemporaneity.


Sunday 14 will be, as always, the final day during which the winners of the four prizes of the twelfth edition of the Terra di Tutti Film Festival will be announced (each one with 1000 euros: the Giovanni Lo Porto Award, the Benedetto Senni Prize, the invisible women "offered by Coop Alleanza 3.0 and the" Stories of Invisible Youths "award sponsored by Emilanca). But not only: thanks to the focus "Terre di tutte", the female voices will be the protagonists who, in Burkina Faso as well as in Spain, fight daily battles to conquer a space, a recognition, a future.