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terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

14th edition | 6-11 october 2020

Thursday 16 April 2020



It's online open till next june 30th 2020, the call for movies for the 14nt edition of TERRA DI TUTTI FILM FESTIVALto be held in Bologna from October 6th to October 11th, 2020 (or at a later date by Spring 2021, if the event is to be postponed due to force majeure).

The entry regulation is available here: http://www.terradituttifilmfestival.org/en/entry-regulation

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Please note that in order not to be excluded from the Contest and for your application to be taken into consideration, it is mandatory to send the consent form via e-mail to the following e-mail address: info@terradituttifilmfestival.org. The consent form can be downloaded from the Festival’s official website (http://www.terradituttifilmfestival.org/en/entry-regulationit must be duly filled in and signed.

The 2020 Edition will give visibility and pay special attention to the following topics: human rights, intercultural dialogue, humanitarian emergencies, environmental sustainability, food sovereignty, alternative economies and migration, children’s rights and gender issues.

Specifically, priority subjects of the Festival will be:

• Fight against poverty

• Sustainable development

• Participatory processes

• Social conflicts and traditional ecological knowledge

• Climate change and renewable energies

• Food sovereignty, peasant agriculture, sustainable rural development, land-grabbing

• Water as a common good and water-grabbing

• Valorization of natural resources and forests

• Social and fair trade economy

• Migration, human trafficking, peace and human rights, new citizenships

• Access to health, prevention and fight against AIDS, management of health emergencies

• Gender, LGBTQ+ culture, fight against discriminations.

The application form must be submitted by filling the online form available on the following website: https: //filmfreeway.com/TerradiTuttiFilmFestival