Terra di tutti film festival immagine 2019
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terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

13th edition | 10-13 october 2019
Bologna - Firenze

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Cine Invisible Bilbao

The call for entries to the 10th Edition of the International Unseen Film Festival “Film Sozialak” Bilbao 2018, that will take place in October 2018 from 18th to 25th, has been launched. From now to May 15 you can send your social works to participate. Organized since 2008 by Kultura Communication y Desarrollo KCD, an INGO devoted to encourage Human, Intercultural, Equitable and Sustainable Development through Communication and Culture. KCD NGDO is based around the idea that a fairer and more sustainable world is possible, without losing sight of the need to have results that become visible on the path towards an ideal goal. In this regard, KCD NGDO believes that it is inadmissible to have a strategy of this kind that does not view gender equality as essential and include it among its objectives.​

GVC had the pleasure to participate to the 9th edition (2017) in behalf of Terra di Tutti Film festival, and we really found similarities and common values, as you can see in the event’s making of video.

Here you can find the Terms & Conditions document for the Festival, as well as the Online Form to be filled, mandatory requirement. In case you can't acces the online form, you can download the call for entries form below and send it by email to the following adress: cineinvisible@kcd-ongd.org

It’s more than a film festival, we are transforming society through the films”, J. Carlos Vázquez, KCD-ONGD director, said.  And we completely agree.