Terra di tutti film festival immagine 2019
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terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

13th edition | 10-13 october 2019
Bologna - Firenze

Monday 15 October 2018

All the TTFF12 winners

Over 3,000 people in four days of festival, 38 films presented between Bologna and Florence, guests and meetings: it is a success and a confirmation of the twelfth edition of the Terra di Tutti Film Festival that has awarded "Of Fathers and Sons" by Talal Derki (Premio Lo Porto), "Burkinabé rising" by Iara Lee (Senni Award), "Feminist" by Myriam Fougère (Voices of Invisible Women by Coop Alliance 3.0) and "Nimble Fingers" by Parsifal Reparato (Stories of Invisible Youth by Emilbanca).


The artistic directors of the festival, Marina Mantini of GVC and Jonathan Ferramola of COSPE onlus, underline how the Terra di Tutti exists, and endures, to support the importance of shared values ​​such as respect for human rights and solidarity: "we are many believe it, looking for news, information and stories about what happens far from our looks. Participation and involvement of the public at the festival, even in the new Florentine evening, confirm the need to bring issues and visions on a national scale. These signs of interest are tangible proof and encourage us to continue to fight for these values, both through social cinema and thanks to the daily work of our NGOs in the world of cooperation ".


Four awards from the Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2018, worth € 1,000 each, delivered on Sunday October 14th at the Cinema Lumière during the final evening of the event organized by the NGOs GVC and COSPE onlus since 2007 and able to involve more and more territory starting from the Municipality of Bologna, the Emilia Romagna Film Commission, the Cineteca di Bologna, the Stensen Foundation of Florence, the Cassero LGBT Center and many other partners.


The Lo Porto Prize for the best documentary for the defense of human rights, presented by the jury composed by Nelson Bova, Vincenzo Branà, Marianna Cappi, Alessandra Gribaldo and Marco Ripoldi, is awarded to the courageous film "Of Fathers and Sons" by the Syrian Talal Derki. "An original and unrepeatable work, qualitatively very refined. A courageous ethnography of the enemy realized in his country of origin ". Mention to "Dancing with Monica" by Anja Dalhoff and "La Heredera del viento" by Gloria Carriòn.


It is "Burkinabé rising" by Iara Lee, instead, to win the Senni Prize as best documentary dedicated to the fight against poverty and sustainable development. The jury composed by Luca Senni, Giorgia Bernoni, Mariano Gosi and Massimo Rossi chose this documentary because it is able to represent crucial themes such as "resistance, food sovereignty, art, education, in a high quality production." The Brazilian director and activist of Korean origin puts on the stage, it is appropriate to say, the rich cultural production of Burkina Faso, animated by the youngest who through their artistic expression reappropriate their roots. Indeed, the "invisible" protagonist of the documentary is precisely Thomas Sankara, father of the "land of integral men" and symbol of pre-colonial identity. Special mention for "The Harvest" by Andrea Paco Mariani.


The popular jury of Coop Alliance 3.0 chose, instead, "Feminist" by Myriam Fougère as a film winner of the "Voices of Invisible Women" award. The motivations, set out by the partner Aurora Brancolini during the delivery of the plaque, show how this film manages to combine lighter moments, with the enhancement and description of how the different feminist movements in the world must face different challenges. Furthermore, "it shows how much more women must struggle to achieve gender equality, at work, in the family, in society, and how easily the conquered rights can be trampled. A beautiful invitation to all women not to give up their convictions and claims. "


Finally, the award supported by EmilBanca and dedicated to "Stories of Invisible Youth" is awarded this year to the Neapolitan filmmaker, anthropologist and journalist Parsifal Reparato for "Nimble Fingers”. Young man who talks about young people, freelance documentary filmmaker and freelance, Reparato focuses on the "agile and thin fingers" of Vietnamese girls and girls, exploited to produce electronic items for world trade. According to the reasons, "the hope is that this recognition is a stimulus and encouragement to the many directors and videomakers under 35, independent and freelance to continue to deal with investigations and documentaries and to deal with issues such as human rights, with an eye to regard for young people, vulnerable among the vulnerable. "