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terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

14th edition | 6-11 october 2020

Entry regulation

The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) WeWorld-GVC Onlus and Cospe
Promote the 13° edition of

Terra di Tutti Film Festival

Voices from unseen world

Participation Requirements

The contest is an international event without any restriction on nationality, age and profession.


The competition is open to short, medium and feature films (not  exceeding  90 minutes). The works have to belong to one of the following categories:

  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Docu-fiction
  • Webseries

The 13th edition of Terra di Tutti Film Festival focuses on the following issues: Human Rights, Gender Equality, Interculturality, Humanitarian Emergencies, Sustainability, Food Sovereignty, Alternative Economies (alternative production, distribution, consumption, economic models and experiences of social and fair trade economy, having people and environment at the centre of their process and promoting an equal and redistributive economic development) and Migrations.
Terra di Tutti Film festival will pay special attention to women and gender issues.
In 2019 edition other priority issues will be:

  • Fight against poverty
  • Sustainable development in all its dimensions (environmental, social, economic, etc.)
  • Community processes and participatory planning and realization of the activities at the local level
  • Social conflicts and traditional ecological knowledge as alternatives for development
  • Climate change, access to resources, renewable energies
  • Food sovereignty, peasant agriculture, sustainable rural development, land-grabbing
  • Water as a common good and water-grabbing
  • Valorisation of natural resources and forests
  • Social and fair trade economy
  • Migration, human trafficking, peace and human rights, new citizenships
  • Access to health, prevention and fight against AIDS
  • Gender, LGBTQ+ culture, fight against discriminations.

Participation rules

Every single filmmaker can participate with three films at most. Are allowed works realized with any kind of technique (animation too) and format, produced after January 1st 2017.

The submission of the Works coming from the production companies from 36 OCSE countries (http://www.oecd.org/about/membersandpartners/), regardless of the nationality of the director, takes place through www.filmfreeway.com

The submission form of the Works coming from the production companies from other countries of the world occurs by filling in the free “entry form” on the official website of the Festival www.terradituttifilmfestival.org.

After having filled the form, the candidate will receive a confirmation e-mail. VERY IMPORTANT.  In order not to be excluded from the contest, it is mandatory to send the escape clause, which can be downloaded from the Festival’s official website www.terradituttifilmfestival.org, duly filled in and signed to the e-mail address info@terradituttifilmfestival.org

The submission deadline is June 30th, 2019.

TTFF Prizes

The Festival offers 4 prizes of 1000 (one thousand) Euro each for the 4 best works:

1) Prize Benedetto Senni having a value of 1.000 (one thousand) Euro, which will be given to the best film addressing issues relating to the fight against poverty, valorisation and defence of natural resources, food sovereignty, sustainable and biological agriculture, access to water and migrations.

2) Prize Giovanni Lo Porto in memory of the aid worker and GVC’s collaborator killed in 2015 during a US anti-terrorist attack. This prize, having a value of 1.000 (one thousand) Euro, has the main purpose of valorising documentaries narrating the efforts and the resistance of men and women who do not hesitate in the face of violence and persecution, but promoting values such as solidarity and respect for human rights, peace and freedom.

3) Prize Stories of Invisible Youth, worth 1,000 Euros, assigned by a jury composed of members and employees of EmilBanca, dedicated to invisible young people described by authors under 35. The aim of the award is to support and enhance the young authors who tell the challenges faced by the new generations.

4) Prize Voices of Invisible Women, worth 1,000 euros, awarded by a jury composed of members of Coop Alleanza 3.0, a recognition for the best audiovisual on a female theme.


The awards ceremony will take place during the last night of the Festival, on 13th of October 2019
The artistic judgment of the jury is unquestionabe.


Materials received will not be remitted and they will be part of Terra di Tutti Film Festival Archives. The films submitted for the contest are owned by the authors who, however, give their consent to their use during the days of the festival in Bologna and Florence from 10 to 13 October 2019 and in related non-profit events with social purposes and free entry in Bologna and in other cities of the Italian territory, always subject to timely information to the authors.
The submission of the films implies the non-exclusive authorization for the Festival’s organizers to disseminate and make available - through the Festival’s website and any other means - clips or sequences of the videos without any compensation for their authors.
The submission of photo materials and/or other information related to the films (stills, photos of the author, bio-filmography, synopsis, author’s statements, posters, etc.) implies also a non-exclusive permission for the Festival’s organizers to spread and make available to the public all images and information regarding the films submitted.
The Festival’s organization committee takes no responsibility for any theft or damage of the videos. Each
author responds on the content of his film and clearly authorises the Terra di Tutti Film Festival to make copies and screenings of the submitted films for non-profit and cultural purposes.
The organization reserves the right to announce all submitted and admitted entries in the competition on the
web site. The publication will be in any case later than the deadline for registration, and not before August 2019.
Participation in the contest implies the full commitment to the present regulation.
Participation in the Festival implies having read and accepted the information reported by the organisers in the entry form about privacy and personal data treatment.
Following the on-going Italian law (D.Lgs 101/2018), the privacy policyholders of the personal data received are the organisers of the Festival.

The contents of the submitted films (picture, sounds, animation) must respect the copyright legislation. The
Terra di Tutti Film Festival and his promoters WeWorld GVC Onlus and COSPE Onlus refuses every responsibility in this regard.
The participation to the competition implies the author’s exclusive responsibility for any irregularities on this subject; the organisers reserve the right to exclude from the contest and to revoke any
prize to the films presenting such irregularities.
At the incontestable discretion of the organisers, the videos considered offensive or harmful for the image of the promoters and/or in contrast with the code of ethics of WeWorld GVC Onlus and Cospe Onlus will be excluded from the competition and they will not be published.
The Festival Direction will decide on any unclear case and on what not expressly said in the present regulation.
In case of any dispute, the Court of Bologna will be the competent court.
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