Terra di tutti film festival immagine 2019

terra di tutti film festival

"voci dal mondo invisibile"

14th edition | 6-11 october 2020

About us

The Terra di Tutti Film Festival (TTFF) was born in 2007 from the necessity to make room for the many documentarians who use video as a form of critical expression, as a torch on the world and on the problems that affect the many southern parts of the world.

Promoted by Non-Governmental Organizations for international cooperation in development WeWorld GVC Onlus and COSPE Onlus, the TTFF brings to Bologna documentaries and social cinema from the south of the world, with the aim of giving visibility to the reality of those countries, peoples and social struggles that are kept "hidden" in the mainstream mass media.

Audiovisual works of medium-lenght and short-lenght films, whose narrative cut is centered on the struggle for equality of rights, gender, defense of freedom, active citizenship, environmental and ecological awareness, will be competing in the Festival.

The Terra di Tutti Film Festival wants to offer visions from the south of the world free from rhetoric, censorship or pietism, but with the idea that only a lucid, reactive and never resigned glance of the realities that surround us can lead to changes of the present tense and invent a new future. Even through cinema.




Artistic director: Jonathan Ferramola


Technical and production coordination manager: Giorgia Bailo


Support for artistic programming: Steven Cesaretti, Caterina Nardi, Giovanni Nolè, Mattia Piziali


Secretariat and external relations: Camilla Serlupi Crescenzi, Marco Monaco


 Translation, subtitling and film handling: Marta Melina (SMK Videofactory)


 Communication and Fundraising: Flavio Tieri


 Press Office: Angela Caporale


 Social Media: Giselle Sartori


 Projectionist: Luca Malossini


  Concept and graphics: Le Maus (Maus & Muttley snc)


  Web: Kitchen Coop